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Counselor in Greensboro

About Me

Hey you! I see you have made it this far and it’s likely that you landed here because there's probably something that's been bothering you. Therapy gives you the opportunity to figure out what's keeping you stuck. Developing insight is never time wasted. You are uniquely you so there is not one size that fits all when it comes to therapy. I will draw from various techniques and theoretical frameworks to meet you where you are while focusing on the relationship that we build together as the vehicle that moves you towards the change you want. So, you might be thinking, “Okay, I get it and I’m ready to get started but what now?”  First, you are going to take a deep breath….did you do it? Good, now tell yourself that you are a rockstar for choosing to take care of yourself. Cheesy? Sure, but it’s true! That’s the hard part. Next, click here to fill out the contact form. You’ll get a message back to see how ready you are to move forward. Is it a “Let’s do this, get me scheduled!” or “I’m pretty sure I’m ready but let’s talk first.” Either is perfect because you are doing what’s best for you. I’m here for that! I can't wait to chat with you and start figuring shit out! Once we’ve connected, if you're coping with issues that are outside my area of expertise or specialty, I'll provide you with some referrals that might be a better match. 

My Approach

Substance Abuse

I have extensive training and experience in working with individuals and families impacted by addiction at different stages of the addiction. Addiction is a complex illness, and the treatment should be adapted to the needs of the individual. I approach my work through a harm reduction lens. Abstinence only is not for everyone. As we work together, we may find that it is the best approach for you but we will arrive there together after extensively reviewing your history and other barriers to shrinking the significance of the addiction in your life. Addiction is also not limited to substances. Food, shopping, exercise, gambling, sex, and relationships also can become the center of your life. Reach out if any of these behaviors have gotten out of control and are holding you back from aligning yourself with your values.  I will assist with referrals to higher levels of care if your needs are greater than what I can offer. 

I offer case consultation services to other therapists regarding substance abuse clients. I am also available to consult with friends or family members who are unsure of how to help a loved one who is struggling with their addiction.


Feeling worthless. Can’t get out of bed. Not eating. Overeating. Insomnia. Irritable. Sad. Crying. Depression may look different for each person but those are some of the signs that you need to talk to someone. You don’t have to face this alone. Reach out today. 


Anxiety can rear its head in all of us. It’s natural. However, for some it’s taking away the ability to enjoy life. The bigger the anxiety becomes the more you avoid and the more you avoid the smaller you're life feels. It doesn’t have to be this way! Let’s build up your ability to cope and manage this so that you can claim your life back. 

Grief and Loss

Losing someone you love is the most unimaginable pain. Who knew it would physically hurt so badly!? You have lost touch with what’s up and what’s down. Grief doesn’t ever go away but together we can build you up so that you can find your way forward. You’ll discover you are stronger than you know.

Life Transitions

The one constant in life is change. Getting whiplash from the constant changing current in your life? I would love to help you build the skills you need to manage the transitions in your life. Maybe your off to college or it’s your kids that are leaving the house for college for the first time. If the “new” in your life such as marriage, parenting, career changes, have you wondering who you really are then let’s talk.

Relationship Issues

Have you lost yourself in your relationship? Worse—maybe your relationships are toxic but you find yourself stuck in the same patterns and with the same type of person time and time again. Once we dig in and explore the patterns you won’t be able to unsee those patterns. Knowledge is power. You are going to learn to listen to yourself and trust yourself while you heal from the wounds of the past.

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Telehealth is therapy provided through synchronous video via HIPAA compliant platform. The only difference between traditional face to face therapy and telehealth is that it is done through video and can take place at a location of client’s choosing. Too busy to leave the office? Save the commute and schedule a telehealth session. Childcare issues, telehealth is where it’s at. Gas prices got you down, stay home! Telehealth offers so much flexibility to meet needs and preferences that were once missed with traditional face to face therapy. Most insurance companies will cover telehealth but it is a good idea to follow up with your insurance provider first and verify that this is a covered modality. You must be located NC at the time of session due to licensure requirements. 
Some tips for kick ass telehealth therapy session 

Tip 1
The video therapy platform will require any Wi-Fi or wireless service device (smart phone, tablet, computer) but when possible, the larger the screen, the better.  As for the connection, if you can stream a movie on Netflix, you got this! 

Tip 2
Prepare yourself for the session by selecting a quiet area that will be free of interruption. This may open an opportunity to discuss boundaries with family members to not disturb you during your session. Many people find the privacy of their car during a lunch break at work or even their own driveway is a great way to get away from the crowd.

Tip 3
For additional privacy, you may want to use headphones to prevent others from over hearing if you live in a shared space.


Tip 4
Get comfy! Grab a coffee or tea if that’s your jam. This is the best part, you can grab your favorite blanket, pillow, or comfort item. Furry family members are also welcome guests if you would like. 

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